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Quality Channel Swimmers Qualify

Quality Channel Swimmers Qualify

15 May 2017

The North Wests best open water venue - Dock 9 -  has started its Summer season in style with clear, refreshing water and super sonic water safety. Its bound to be a fabulous year. 

We have already seen many of our Uswimmers braving the cooler temperatures in nothing but their swim gear hat and goggles in order to acclimatise for their Challenges. With two Teams (Team Delta and Team Echo) taking on their 2 hour qualifiers for their English Channel Relay Swim later in the year. 

Well done to Gareth Rees, Paul Worthington and Amy Wyatt of Team Echo who successfully completed theirs on Saturday in a temperature of 13.7 degrees. Join Facebooks Uswim Adventure Group to follow the swimmers progress throughout their training.