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LIDO MediaCityUK

LIDO MediaCityUK (Autumn / Winter Swimming) 



Although now closed for the Summer there will be regular 'Polar' sessions taking place this Autumn / Winter to allow people to enjoy the proven benefits of cold water swimming.


Several factors came together in the inter-war years to spark off an almost insatiable appetite for outdoor swimming pools. Swimming itself was a highly fashionable sport throughout the period. It had been popular as early as 1875, when Captain Webb swam across the Channel, but was to take on a new significance from the 'twenties onwards. 1926 saw the first woman, Miss Gertrude Ederle, swim across the Channel, beating the then male record by two hours, followed by six other women in 1928. Magazines of the time were full of references to improving health and general fitness through swimming. As the popularity of open water swimming increases once more now's the time for the Quays - one of the most progresssive development areas in the UK - to have its own LIDO

LIDO MEDIACITYUK includes: Changing / bag store, Rinse Shower. Underwater music. Wide, 50m swim lanes, Clean, quality tested water, Parking (Lowry Outlet)